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Armoires de cuisineArmoires de cuisineArmoires de cuisineArmoires de cuisineArmoires de cuisineArmoires de cuisineArmoires de cuisine
Regarding KYRA

Located in Sainte-Adèle in the heart of the Laurentian region, Kyra specializes in designing and manufacturing kitchens. The company has many licenses. The president, Mr. Alain Courville, has worked many years in residential and commercial construction. He has acquired an extensive experience and is recognized for his in-depth knowledge of the industry. Moreover, all of Kyra’s cabinet installers are in-house employees.

Our History and Mission
Armoires de cuisine
Used Technology

Our designers use a cutting-edge 3D software to create custom-made kitchens. It is a performing and precision tool that can generate very elaborate drawings. Of course, our designer’s extensive experience and strong creativity can complement this great software.
Parallel to this state-of-the-art technique, the production teams efforts are focused on computerized and automated production. Everything is calculated, measured, cut and finished to perfection. Every piece is unique and worked in a unique way in order to significantly reduce the risk of error to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Expertise