The Satin

With the right blend of natural materials such as black walnut, granite and more contemporary materials such as stainless steel, this majestic kitchen suggests deapth and nobility. Whether it's the arched light rails, decorative baseboards, or brackets, each element of the kitchen has been designed with attention to detail to give the most enjoyable dining experience. Provision is adjecent to two large refrigerators topped with decorative alcôve all framed by a generous pantry. On either side of the stove, we discover practical sliding storage in order to have the handy bottles of oil and spices close. Above these arrangements, a majestic decorative hood is adorned with a painting done by a local artist. The huge island, which is the central element of the kitchen, offers a wide preparation space where there is a small integrated sink which is very useful for cleaning food. It also provides space to have a few stools, allowing guests to be comfortable with family and friends. A small office area is also built in, adding additional owners storage. In addition, the kitchen has a lot of light, either inside glass elements to highlight valuables or under cabinets to create efficient lighting when preparing meals all to create a warm inviting atmosphere.

Conception and design by Kyra Inc.

Project location: Val-David

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