Kitchen passionates

In addition to their experience and creativity, our kitchen designers use state-of-the-art tools. Our 3D drawing software is an extraordinary tool for creating drawings and plans accurately and meticulously. Kyra is above all a strong and professional team that listens to your needs and your budget.

Our history

When their first house was built in 1992, owners Alain Courville and Katherine Coster decided to make their own kitchen. A passion was born … Innovative and always attentive to their customers needs, it is in 1998 that Kyra acquires the most performing and efficient kitchen software in the industry. This software allowed Kyra to distinguish itself from their competitors. In 2006, the acquisition of a CNC (Numerical Control Computer) to improve accuracy, propelled our industry into innovation. Since then, Kyra is still as passionate, perfecting, and professional.

Our expertise

KYRA, specialist in kitchen and bathroom cabinets, offers exclusively custom made products. Everything is taken into account: dimensions of the rooms, height of the ceilings, dimensions of the openings and the windows, brightness of the rooms, etc. We manufacture kitchen and bathroom cabinets that are not only functional and practical, but also aesthetic, resistant and durable. We offer varied and personalized styles according to your aspirations. We work not only with most traditional wood and exotic woods, but also with other types of products.

Our method

From the first meeting, we analyze with you the plans or sketches of the space to be developed during a new construction. When it comes to a renovation, we visit the site and take the exact measurements. Then we draw plans according to your tastes and budget and send a quote. During the 2nd stage, one of our kitchen designers offers you a virtual presentation of your project. Thanks to our advanced software, we show you the images, from several angles, of your new space.

Our mission

Meeting deadlines is of utmost importance at Kyra. The installation is always carried out by our own installers to ensure unparalleled professionalism. In short, throughout the project, we guarantee the excellence of our services. The reputation our company ensures that you are in good hands; the praise and satisfaction of our customers are proof!