Our expertise

Over the years, KYRA has specialized in manufacturing and designing kitchens. All our products are custom made according to the dimensions of each project while taking into account all aspects of constructions.

Our kitchens are intended to be functional, practical, and also very aesthetic with a level of durability and high strength . Styles are obviously very varied and customized according to the aspirations of each client. The exclusivity of each product is created by the skillfull combination of your requirements and our expertise.

We work with most kinds of traditional and exotic woods, but also with many materials, according to your tastes and your budget.

For new constructions, we analyze your tastes during our first meeting, then we create plans or sketches of the space to develop. We discuss generally the desired configuration of your new project and your preferences in style and texture.

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For a renovation, we will devote the time necessary to visit the work site and thus take accurate measurements necessary for developing your designs and verify any structural change possible.
After this first visit, we will draw plans taking into account your personal tastes and ideas and we will prepare a quote for the work required. We will contact you within a reasonable time to invite you to a virtual presentation of your dream kitchen.

With our leading software tool and professional designers, we will present your new project in several angles. We will listen to your comments and we will explain in detail the beautiful design we created for you.

After agreement from your part we ask for a 35% deposit and thenon, we will continue to work with you on your plans until total satisfaction. Our designers will also assist in the selection of textures , colors, handles, and others.

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Timelines are important to us. The installation is always performed by our own technicians who demonstrate outstanding professionalism.

 In short, throughout the project , we guarantee the excellence of our services.